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Project & Site Development

The task of developing a site is a major undertaking which should be approached as a project that must be vigilantly planned and managed to achieve a successful and most profitable outcome.

LM Developments is one of the Australia’s leading Property & Site Development Corporation.

With extensive property development networks based locally and internationally, LM Developments provides superior service to all Property Investors & Buyers, which has earned it a reputation for quality, integrity and trust in the industry.


Our integrated property development team ensures that we:

  • Once a right site is found we complete all pre-purchase feasibility studies and development analysis using our extensive industry experience. This ensures that we always enter any transaction with our "eyes wide open".
  • Evaluate any and all possible town planning and development issues.
  • Arrange finance procurement through leading banks and institutions ensuring that we obtain the most competitive finance on the market.
  • Manage all design issues using our architectural team experienced in designing projects with strong market appeal.
  • Comprehensive design and cost assessment by independent verification prior to any final commitment.
  • Prepare all documentation required for town planning approval using the resources of our experienced team and senior consultants.
  • Ensure Construction of all our projects run smoothly, on time and on budget. We can safely say this because of our track record of which we are extremely proud.
  • Professionally promote our projects using our extensive network of marketing and sales companies to sell our projects at market prices.