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Site Selection & Development Acquisitions

Our site selection and development acquisition team simplifies a process that can be a complicated and challenging minefield of roadblocks. Without experienced professionals managing the processes, the development and successful completion of projects can be delayed or even derailed.

Acquiring a development site is one of the most important steps in property development. Do it right and it can bring enormous profits, do it wrong and you can see all your investment funds lost.

Over the years LM Developers have developed step-by-step procedures that ensure long-term viability and profitability of every project selected and acquired.

Aimed to maximize returns for clients, the Development Site and Acquisitions team has an extensive and unrivalled expertise in land selection, specifically focusing on high growth, high demand areas.

LM Developments is constantly seeking new residential development opportunities, with or without planning permits.

If you own a building requiring extensive refurbishment or have existing land that offers multi-dwelling development opportunity, our LM Developments team has a long proven track record in obtaining new or enhancing existing planning consent to maximize the value of potential development sites.

If you are a Property owner wishing to release funds from an existing site or a Builder who has obtained planning consent for a site and is considering a Development Partner, then please contact us and we will be more than happy to explore with you various options including outright Wholesale Acquisition, Joint Ventures or Investment Partners.

An association with LM Developers provides a unique set of competitive advantages through our highly experienced specialist industry consultants such as engineers, town planners, financiers and legal experts to assist in evaluating sites and capitalizing on opportunities that are often considered 'difficult' by other competitors.

LM Developers is entrusted by many public organizations and private development clientele to act on their behalf to transact high value development sites.